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Client Centered

Our complimentary consultation meeting is intended to give you an opportunity to get to know us, ask questions and determine whether or not you want our help.

The meeting is complimentary and there is no obligation. We won’t ask you to sign any paperwork or commit to any course of action until you are ready.

To start the meeting, we will encourage you to ask us any questions you feel necessary to get comfortable with us.  You may wish to ask about our experience, qualifications, ethical responsibilities, etc.  We want you to be comfortable with us before we talk about personal finances.

Assuming you are comfortable with our answers, we will ask you to share your financial goals and dreams with us. This could be retiring in ten years, funding your child’s college, paying for a dream vacation or efficiently transferring your wealth to your heirs. 

When we do start discussing your current financial situation, you may share any financial concerns or documents you are comfortable sharing.  Examples include, your current financial plan, current investment statements, trusts, wills, mortgages, etc.  We will review them and give you honest, forthright answers to your questions.

If at any point during the meeting you feel we are not a good fit, “No thank you” is a perfectly acceptable response. Although we’ve helped hundreds of families, we understand we may not be a perfect fit for everyone. 

Should you decide to take the next step, we will be with you every step of the way.  We will even help you manage the often challenging communications and document exchange with your past advisor.

To schedule your complimentary, consultation meeting:

1. Call our office: (717) 461-7828, or

2. Use the online scheduler below and follow the prompts.

3. For your convenience, meetings are offered to be conducted by in-person, phone or video conferencing.